Friendship bracelet

"Created a friendship bracelt since sixth grade"Sixth grade was the very first time I created a friensdhip bracelet and I was addicted to them.  I would create them for my friends or wear half a dozen of them on my wirsts.  I’m so happy they are back and mixed with thick metal pieces, they look fabulous!  They give off a handmade vintage look and look great mixed with modern chunky bracelets or boyfriend watches.  There are so many styles to create but my fave is the chevron style.  It took me about an half an hour to create it.

At Anthropologie, they are selling them for $58 but to make one costs less than a dollar.Friendship bracelet at Anthropologie

"love how glamarous a cheap friendship bracelet looks"Love this photo, who knew a cheap friendship bracelet would look so glam


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