shahs of style

designed with a touch of Shah


The most overlooked piece that can make or break a man’s ensemble is the socks.  Yea, that’s right.  Socks.  Now, if you are a man that still wears a pair of athletic socks with his dress shoes, loafers you have committed a crime not only against fashion but humanity and you need to die; because only Michael Jackson or a Richard Simmons can evade with such a heinous crime.

But, let’s sit down and discuss the sensitive art of donning the right pair of socks.  Color blocking and creative patterns are the way to go, although avoid argyle patterns unless you plan to play a few rounds of golf or you are relaxing at a retirement center.  Be very cautious if you plan on going too wild, it may not translate the way you plan.  People may assume that you recently have been liberated from the zoo.  Socks should either coordinate or contrast appropriately.

Be creative, imaginate and use your pretendination.

Truly yours in Sockdom,


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