Well it’s that day of the week again!  The day we been waiting for all week, when everyone is happy, relaxed, with fresh haircuts, new clothes, and smelling great…

Well Fridays as we know it in the workweek is aka Casual Fridays, or what I’d like to call “Casual Flydays.” It’s the day we can throw our trousers and slacks to the side and throw on a pair of denim. Well, I more often than not see too many people who bring sadness to this day with their pink polos that they owned for 15 years which used to be red, but due to the age the color has completely faded….amd their hideous jeans probably by lee, payless shoes, distressed leather, not by choice, but due to the wear and tear…


On the most jubilant day of the week?  And you decide to wear your sh!tty clothes!?!!?!

Well here’s a few simple things you can do… first and foremost, follow SHAHS of STYLE on facebook, wordpress, instagram, and twitter.

Once you have done that…  Know your body, wear clothes you are comfortable in, fitted jeans (doesn’t have to be skinny jeans), then make sure your shirt, jeans, jacket, blazer are not baggy or saggy.  Most people aren’t comfy wearing vibrant colors that stick out, that’s cool… stick to colors you’re comfortable with, but dress according to the season.  Don’t wear all black in summer and all white in fall.  If the outfit is too dull then add some accessories to spruce it up… bracelets, watches, necktie, collar pin, tie pin, lapel brooches, funky socks, etc…

Here’s how I pull Casual Flyday off at the office…

A simple outfit with vibrant colors to put the summer away.  Goodbye 😦

A simple breakdown…. shirt: J Crew/ tie: J Crew/ belt: Gap/ jeans: Levi’s 501/ shoes: Cole Haan/ sunglasses: Vintage Bausch & Lomb/Ray Ban ClubMasters

 Keep following us here, as we’ll continue to bring you fresh new styles and Ideas

   – Faisal


One thought on “Casual Flydays

  1. Santa says:

    FTA for President! You’re the best

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