shahs of style

designed with a touch of Shah

There’s no doubt that staying stylish and fashionable during pregnancy can be a bit of a challenge.  It also doesn’t help that affordable maternity clothes are just plain hideous, and anything that is remotely cute will cost you an arm or a leg.  I personally couldn’t justify spending hundreds on clothes that will last me only a few months, instead I splurged on a couple of key basics.  My favorite maternity purchases were a pair of skinny jeans (since most of your shirts will be loose and longer than what you normally wear), a couple of maternity tanks, and a belly band (so I can continue to wear my pre-pregnancy pants).  I continued to wear my pre-pregnancy cardigans, blazers and maxi dresses.   However, instead of purchasing maternity tops I just bought tops that are made to be loose or a size bigger than what I normally wear.   I found that they still fit me better than maternity wear, are cheaper, and more stylish.

So, ladies don’t give up and have fun with that bump.


cardigan: Urban Outfitters/ necklace:  J.Crew/ shoes:  BCBG

Love Maxis- So comfortable and fun!

coral pants:  H&M/ butterfly shirt:  Forever 21/ shoes:  Tory Burch

shirt:  Madewell/ jeans:  Destination Maternity/shoes:  Coach

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