Alrighty folks….

Yet again Friday has bestowed it’s blessing upon us….

If I could work from home I’d just post pics of me in my pajamas but that’s not the case…Therefore I gotta outfly everyone as I step into the office.  Sadly, I’m the first one in the office.  So when I step in, I really can’t outfly anyone because there is no one here to outfly.  So, I sit there by myself.  Usually  doing things I normally wouldn’t if there are others around. That gives me a whole hour to cut my nails, spit in my coworker’s cup (not because I don’t like him, just so I can get a giggle about it later.  But I usually forget and never get that giggle, play music through the sick speakers on my phone really loudly, go through my coworker, Shahab’s drawer and take his candy, etc.  Sometimes i’m even nice enough to pour water in the Keurig machine for others so don’t take me for a jerk.  Anywho, back to the topic at hand:  Fridays…Casual Fridays….Casual Fridays + dapper = Casual Flydays… (and they said I suck at math).

Sadly Summer is gone but it’s time to move on, to bigger and better things….Autumn–arguably the best season in the history of seasons.  Great things happen in the Fall:  football begins, the great date of October 23 (balloons and cake), the race for president elections BUT even BETTER things happen in the Fall:  scarves, light jackets, dark colors, tweed prints, winter hats, beanies, gloves, socks, boots, thermals, sweaters, blankets, earthy colors, and so on and so forth.

Please let’s start the season off right….

Polka dots brings out this simple outfit mixed with a paisley pocket square.


 Dark Jeans, Dark Blazer, Dark Shoes, Join the Dark Side.  Grow your beard like a real man.  Grooming is important, fellas.


Yea that’s a blackberry….it’s not a toy phone…it’s a gentleman’s phone.

 Break it down……aight….. Shoes: single monk strap Salvatore Ferragamo/ Blazer:  H&M/ Shirt:  H&M/ Jeans:  Tommy Hilfiger found at Filene’s Basement/

Tie:  J. Crew Sunglasses: Ray Ban/ Socks: Gap/ Pocket Square: Nordstroms/ Belt: Banana Republic/ Haircut: Yours truly


I’m gonna sit on this….Oh damn who’s that walking by….

Adios Amigos



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