A Culinary Experience

So the weekend before we made plans to hit Atlantic City, to gamble gormandize (look it up)!  The Borgata hotel was offering a ticketed event (which sold out quickly–lucky us) to devour freshly prepared foods by our most favorite and famous chefs, Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck and Geoffrey Zakarian (to name a few).  As soon as we walked in we noticed that all the chefs and their individualized stations were situated on each side of the amber lit banquet hall.  Desserts and drinks were  decorated beautifully in the center.  High cocktail tables and low sitting tables were dispersed around the room.

Immediately, we went towards Bobby Flay’s station where we had a chance to say hello and of course tell him how awesome he is.   He leaned over and thanked us, hence the photo.  We were served a deconstructed Philly cheese steak taco that had a southwestern twist to it and creamy grits with Maine lobster.

In between a passionate foodie, my husband and the culinary master, Bobby Flay!

After eating several of Bobby’s southern delicacies, we headed to Wolfgang Puck’s station.  Surprisingly, he was right behind a wok cooking in front of us and serving us sautéed shrimp with gnocchi and basil infused tomato sauce.  He was extremely personable and even gave me a hug!

Wolfgang and I share one thing in common here: our lit up noses!

Not only did we have the opportunity to try their food but also had the chance to talk to them!  Each chef had their own method–Bobby signed his cooking books, and instructed his staff and gave off a celebrity status aura.   Wolfgang Puck comfortably cooked and served as if you were a guest in his own home.  And Geoffrey Zakarian stood at the end of his station and made certain to shake each person’s hand and thank them –he genuinely seemed interested in people.

Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Tuna Tartare Slider
Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s Tuna Tartare Slider

We concluded the night with key lime cake pops and eventually crawled into bed and slept like overweight babies!


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