DIY Striped Dresser

Waiting for the arrival of my baby girl, I’ve been on a major crunch-time.  Been super busy converting our current guest room into a  nursery AND transitioning our two year old’s room into a “big girls room.”  Having one more month left,  I have been redecorating, repurposing and redoing these two rooms.  My latest project was this chest of drawers that I painted!  To spice up her room, I purchased this chest of drawers in an unfinished wood from Ikea and decided to paint black and metallic silver stripes, creating a feminine yet elegant look.

I used 1″ thick blue painters tape and laid it vertically across the whole chest 1″ apart.

Then, I used a silver color paint with primer before painting each stripe with metallic paint.  I used Behr paint and primer and Martha Stewart Metallic paint.

Normally, when painting stripes, I paint the whole surface one color (the lighter stripe color) and then use painters tape to separate the space for the darker stripe color.  However, since I am using metallic paint, the second color (in my case, black) will not have a smooth finish over the metallic paint… hence the extra step.

Each silver stripe was then carefully covered with 1″ painters tape and ready to be painted in Behr’s hi-gloss black.

The results, after removing the tape.  I love how you can still see the wood grain underneath the paint.

After a few touch-ups and adding the knobs, the chest of drawers is now finally complete.  It was definitely a lot of work but well worth it.  Continue following the blog to eventually see the whole room.



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