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When I first heard of Inglot’s new water based, toxin-free nail polish I hopped right onto the nail trend bandwagon.  Why all the excitement?  Well, nail polish is one of the cosmetics that contains the most amount of toxins and chemicals than any other makeup.  Conveniently, more focus is placed on cosmetic makeup (foundation, blush, etc) because it touches the skin and their ingredients easily seep through the pores.  However, it is a fact that some nail polish do consist of dangerous chemicals that have adverse reactions.  According to Web MD, scientists have found the chemical toluene, a toxin that may cause birth defects and developmental problems in children of pregnant women who have had extended exposure. They also found dibutyl phthalate (DBP), which has been linked to birth defects in studies involving lab animals, and formaldehyde, a carcinogen.   Pretty scary, huh?

Inglot nail polish does NOT contain:

– toluene
– formaldehyde
– dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
– camphor

Another advantage to the Inglot nail polish is that Muslim women are lovin’ the product– because when they pray, regular nail polish is not permissible because it is not porous.  Now, they can enjoy flaunting their lacquered nails.

A recent trip mission to the Inglot store in New York, I spent time and money on an assortment of nail polishes from base coats, top coats, colors from their new Spring collection and classic hues such as red, fushia and gray.


image (3)


– Anika

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