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Woke up to a 34 degree icy, winter day in D.C.  Literally, sitting here and impatiently waiting for the luscious Spring season to begin.

Meanwhile, the fashion world is not waiting and has already chosen Spring’s fashion colors.  Pantone (the official color provider) has put forth a palette of beautiful colors.


Some beautiful examples of incorporating these colors in our wardrobe.

Here’s Dazzling Blue in a scuba textured midi skirt:

blue skirt

Even an accessory, like this necklace can pull the Pantone Spring colors of Radiant Orchid, Hemlock and Placid Blue.


Have fun playing around with these colors as you await for the Spring!

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2 thoughts on “Pantone Spring Colors

  1. Raj says:

    Love the Spring trend report – but mostly I just live that outfit on you! I’m gong to have to look out for some midi skirts for Spring also. Glad I stumbled onto your blog today!

    Pink Chai Living

    1. shahsofstyle says:

      Thanks Raj. We can’t wait to post more about fashion!

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