Mystical Istanbul


Istanbul, Turkey.  A city that is just SO cool and unique.  I have to say, my favorite memory is sitting by the busy sidewalk eating kunefe, drinking Turkish tea, smoking a hookah while appreciating the panoramic architecture.  It’s hard not to wonder that this city is enriched with a tremendous amount of history, religion, politics and the juxtaposition of old and new ideas.


I entered what was once was a battlefield that transformed into a church that transformed into a mosque that finally transformed into a museum:  the Hagia Sophia. It was amazing to see one building serve so many purposes.


The color blue was quite noticeable.  Whether it was the Bosporus Strait, the infamous blue mosque, the evil eye or the glazed pottery.  Blue was all around.



Now for the fun stuff: the shopping. I haggled with the local vendors and bought a beautiful suzani, embroidered with silk threads. This piece which is similar to the one hanging on the right will be used as a bed spread for my daughter’s room.


I also bought the hand of Fatima and an evil eye chain bracelet amongst other jewelry pieces.


And of course, the foodie in me brought back their fresh picked dates, Turkish tea and baklava.


–Anika Shah

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