Modern Moroccan

the final result, an exotic oasis

It started as an ordinary office full of blue and greens and progressed into a lounge area inspired by the enriched culture of Morocco.  A West Elm daybed was slowly introduced, however it was too big for the narrow space.  Moroccan was definitely going to be the theme but we needed the space to look wide and spacious.  So the dark, traditional kilm colors of red orange and brown were not an option.  Instead, cool colors inspired by the Mediterranean sea were injected into the space.

Because the room lacked windows, why not add the illusion of grand windows by hand painting tiles onto the wall, right?   A process that was tedious but added height and color to the walls.  In addition, carpet floor tiles were heavily considered because if anyone smoked hookah there was a possibility of a coal dropping onto the floor.  If the coal burns onto the carpet, replacing one carpet tile would be more cost-effective than replacing an entire rug!    Mimicking Moroccan culture the room was filled with conversational floor sofas, an imported Chakki table and jewel-toned pillows.  The final “je ne sais quoi” draping the room in mirrored, luminescent fabric.

the draped ceiling creates the feeling of being in a Moroccan tent
the before picture of the space.  Notice the remnants of the office: the tri-colored whiteboards.

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