Mixing High-end and Low-end Fashion

brunch hafsa details

General misconception:  style costs a lot. I have to say I do feel overwhelmed especially if I walk into a high end store (in Georgetown or Maza Galleria) and nothing is below $200!  In a high-end designer store, an outfit can easily cost over $1000 which is not ideal for an everyday girl.  Realistically, you can’t spend money on every piece.

One of the best way to save and be fashionable is to buy trendy pieces at low prices.  Trendy pieces are what’s popular today and may change in the next year or two.  For example, this Fall/Winter season the pieces that are trending are blanket scarves, ear cuffs, and crop tops.  Classic pieces cost more but should be viewed as investment pieces. Classic pieces such as a well-constructed leather bag, Italian-made shoes, an a wool suit will stand the test of time.

Meeting up with a friend for brunch, I had fun playing around with fashion in a surprisingly 50 degree December day.  Here I mix low-cost trendy pieces such as Madewell pencil skirt and an H&M tee with a high-end leather Chanel bag and a vintage Celine belt.

brunch hafsa 2014brunch hafsa 2014 us


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