shahs of style

designed with a touch of Shah

The Perfect Flirt

Feeling playful and pretty, then throw on this eye-catching outfit. Two different textures of black are mended beautifully in this extremely, affordable dress.  Then, introduce the color red by adding on a patent leather clutch.  And heels with floating red hearts, why not?!

red hot

 black dressgold pendant necklace, bracelet, red clutch, phone case, heels with hearts

           Not Afraid to Shine

Want to be daring, love?  Then wear this body-con dress that drips in gold and shimmer.  Delicate jewelry soften the look of this bold dress.  Allow the adventurous dress to stand out and keep the shoes and accessories simple and neutral.

gold dress

          Show a Sliver of Skin

My sex lace is on fire!  Red, hot embroidery on this crop top is definitely a sexy look that will melt your man’s heart. Adding edgy jewelry, like a gold ear cuff, to a classic, pencil skirt is the perfect juxtaposition.

lace on fire

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