Nordstrom’s Beauty Trend Show


A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest at Nordstrom’s Beauty Trend Show.  This was a great opportunity to learn about the new Spring trends of 2015.   I was excited to master the magic of makeup and check out the upcoming fashion styles.

The New Neutrals


Start out the new season by knowing that monochrome is the new modern.  Last year’s neons and color-blocking trends are fading away.  Colors especially light, blush colors such as white, ivory and grays were showcased down the runway.   White was repeatedly shown more than any other colors and it looked so beautiful and fresh. Just remember to use different textures and pair it with black so that you don’t look sterile and nurse-like (ack)!

The Right Bright Lip


That’s right, lip color is the best way to add that pop of color with your monochromatic look. The new YSL Kiss and Blush:  a lip color and cheek stain all in one is an excellent product.  Not only was it featured as being easy and breezy to use, it is one of my favorite products!  Dazzling lips look sharp and sexy paired with the purity of an all-white outfit.

Sculpting Simplified

Love makeup?  Then you must have heard of that familiar technique of conturing.  Contouring is all about enhancing your features by learning how to slim your nose, accentuate your cheekbones and soften your jawline.  Make certain you have a good base such as Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation, next use two different shades of color to contour.  When shading the skin, using the right tools make a tremendous difference.  Trish McEvoy brushes last for years and are a good investment.

After the energetic, fun show, I was overwhelmed by the various products and couldn’t help but relate to the host who said it best, “I wish I was an NBA wife, so i can purchase all these products!”


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