Kitchen Makeover


kitchen 3

I’m excited to share photos of my newly remodeled kitchen.  The kitchen is the most used room in our home.  Personally, not only do I use it to whip up family meals but it’s a place where the kids’ do homework, crafts are created, and conversation with friends occur.  It’s the mecca of my home and for that reason, it had to be not only functional but simply beautiful.

Moving into this house, I was drawn to the open and spacious kitchen, which had promising potential but needed some tweaking (okay a lot of tweaking).  White, urban subway tiles and white quartz countertop brought in that airiness it needed.  I also knew the dull, lifeless cabinets had to be changed to a different color.  The painstaking process of staining the original wood stain to an espresso color took weeks to finish but it was all worth it!  Finally, polished chrome pulls and a crystal dripping chandelier gave my kitchen the refined delicacy I was aiming for.

Here’s a peek of the original photos of my kitchen:

kitchen before

kitchen before 1


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