shahs of style

interior design with a touch of Shah

dubai shahsofstyle

how coincidental that my DVF wrap dress matches the background


Finally, I came around to posting about my trip to Dubai!  In Dubai, not only did I feel unbelievably hot amidst the desert air but I felt absolutely inspired by the design elements there. Dubai is rich–really just loads of amount of wealth is engulfed in that country!  But what makes Dubai different from any other wealthy country is that it concentrates its wealth in the talent of creative minds of architects and designers.  This combination is apparent in the architecture of the massive, sleek buildings juxtaposed with a hint of Arab design.  Even in the above picture, I am inside a modern tent that has streamlined furniture.  Notice that the background colors and designs are Arab-inspired.


my kids admiring the architecture of the Burj Al Arab

dubai mall interior shahsofstyle

The beautiful waterfall sculpture in Dubai Mall

dubai atlantis hotel shahsofstyle

the grand, mouth-dropping interior of the Atlantis hotel, situated on the Palm Island


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