Baby Approved Family Room

living room

Our client was a true gem!  She gave us full freedom to decorate however we chose.  All she asked was to keep her baby in mind and that she loves minimal decor and use of color.  Before, the family room was filled with an overwhelming amount of pea green accessories.  We adored her love for bright colors so we inserted yellow with background colors of blue and steel gray.

Down goes the green, Up goes the wallpaper

The couple had books they cherished, tchotchkes that had sentiment value and shot glasses they carried from every city they travelled to–so why not put ALL that in a bookshelf?!
















Because our client had great new, furniture items…we incorporated them into the space and then added in a new rug, a gorgeous mirror, pillows, an architectural looking table and a noncommittal-removable wallpaper.


kanzapeacepillow kanzafamilytable

Baby-proofing included a round, tempered glass table, wall-mounting a TV, adding artificial plants and securing all loose wires in the media console.

Organized the console was a lengthy but worthwhile process
  Photo credit:  Asad Abbas Photography

                                                                                                                             Designed with love,

                                                                                                                       the Shah Sisters

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