The Doctor is In


Recently, I designed an office space for a good friend of mine, a Gastroenterologist doctor in the Maryland region.  I took into consideration three things:  his personality, the type of patients that come in and the functionality of the space.


In consideration to the doctor’s personality, the University he attended:  Georgetown’s colors of blue and gray  were incorporated into the space.  His style leaned towards super modern with chrome metal accents.  The endless-looking chrome and cement brick wall is definitely unique!  To match it, a caged wire sconce and a cement console was added on.

IMG_9360-EditIMG_9280Here’s a picture of the space before–bare dry walls and nothing more.


The space is complete and ready for those patients to wait on!IMG_9273-Edit

I was told that the patients may be sick and bring small children, so the more durable the fabric, the easier to clean!  Originally, he wanted the reception area walls to be blue and the furniture pieces to be gray.  I advised against this, knowing that his patients may be sick and having darker furniture with thick, stain-resistant fabric would be best.  By flipping the colors, and now placing the lighter colors on the wall, it lightened the space, thus, creating a welcoming reception.


So now let’s discuss the functionality of the space, the reception area should have comfortable, almost-indestructible seating, ample room to walk up to the receptionist and ambient lighting.  I really think adding wood lamps created an organic, natural touch.

IMG_9207.jpgFor the smaller conference and waiting rooms, I did the opposite:  I decided on the blue paint color on the walls to give the room depth.  The warm, blue walls are juxtaposed with sleek, white conference chairs.


The vibrancy of the artwork and the panoramic view of the city are framed and defined flawlessly.



Designed by Anika Shah .  Sign Logo by Noma Saeed  .  Photography by Asad Gilliani

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