Can fashion end Hunger?


Michael Kors has made it his life’s mission to fight hunger with the awareness of fashion. He has been involved since 2013 raising money for the World Food Programme by selling t-shirts and limited watches.  On Tuesday, April 12th, Michael Kors graciously received the McGovern-Dole Leadership Award from Vice President Joe Biden for his contribution in theWorld Food Programme USA.


My husband and I were honored to be guests and to be in presence of people who have generous hearts and simply want to feed the hungry.  

the sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms filled the room– the main centerpieces 

Many other famous guests, politicians, and believers of WFP were present including Olivia Wilde, Nancy Pelosi, Cody Horn, Jessica Hart, Beverly Johnson, Lynda Carter, and Hunter Biden (just to name a few).

w woman
with the original Wonder Woman

Michael Kors along with actress Halle Berry, has launched Watch Hunger Stop and brought much awareness, reportedly raising over $1.5 million and delivered over 13 million meals to children in countries including Nicaragua, Uganda, and Cambodia.

During the event, the President of WFP, Rick Leach, quoted a donator the best, “I wanted to help feed children in the world, no matter who was in charge (of the country)”.

Please donate to World Food Programme and #WatchHungerStop


The event was recently featured on Vogue and is passionately cared by Michael Kors

–Anika Shah




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