Construction + Creativeness = Coffee Shop



Opening up a coffee shop is a challenge but constructing one from scratch is a difficult feat.  The first phase was to remove the old, dilapidated countertop and customize it with  a countertop that was much more linear and clean looking.  Loving the look of marble but nervous of  possible coffee stains, I ended up choosing a pure white, durable quartz.  The look of the coffee shop is combination of many concepts:  organic, minimalist, industrial.  The farm house chairs and live plants add in the organic elements.  Whereas, the industrial look is visible as soon as you walk in with the exposed ceiling and bar stools.  The minimalist brass pendants add that bit of glamour that seems oh-so-necessary.

before:  changed paint, added chalkboard art, replaced countertops


One of the biggest difficulties was related to the tiles.  Many tiles were removed in order to change up the countertop.  I was assured by the contractor that the existing, ten year old tiles would be easily found at a hardware shop.  However, the tiles were undiscoverable at any store, SO either I find something that looks similar OR I think outside the box.  Think, I did.  Finally, crisp black and white geometric tiles contrasted strongly against the old, tiles—Something I did on purpose: blending the old with the new.  Because everyone loves coffee shops, weather it be a seasoned soul or a hipster millennial.


Additionally, I wanted one to experience the love of reading. Books are displayed on every windowsill and bookshelf and are encouraged to share, trade and borrow.  Literary art is also apparent by the chalkboard art, book art and fun prints.


what a mess!


the soon-to-be chalkboard menu wall framed by fresh, crisp white
later, subway tiles surround the hand-chalked menu
key:  creating a cozy, lived-in nook
industrial-looking barstools
the afternoon sun artistically reflects the logo onto the wall
healthy options
why not, right?

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