This beautiful family wanted their family room to be the main area where their kids will play, do homework and read.  They wanted their children to be in plain sight from the kitchen area which is adjacent to the family.  Now, came the tough part:  how do we merge two spaces so it looks cohesive, be livable, and still be sophisticated in style?

Here’s the design board, the Shah Sisters created:

fatima family play area combo

fatima family room planOur design was to incorporate the play area into family room by placing it behind the sofa.  Eventually, the client decided to part from their old, sectional sofa so we helped them choose a new, family-friendly sofa and a cool chair (hence, the sight change from the design board).




The family took a trip to Morocco and came back with some gorgeous pieces!  Some of the pieces such as the Moroccan eggplant-colored rug was lovely but too small.  So, we assisted them and took into consideration their love for Morocco, their children, and watching Netflix.

Here are the transformations the room went though:

Faisal Fatima before living
how the room looked before the design process
Faisal Fatima living before 2
the Moroccan rug is beautiful but a bit small for the space
a neutral, bigger-sized rug fills the space nicely
the entire room:  where the kids play and the adults relax

The playroom area behind the gray sofa has tall bookshelves with the bottom half comprised of books, toys and game boards.  The top half of the shelves are organized with tchotchkes from a lifetime of vacations.  As you can see, the kids are ready for tea time.






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