How to Style a Bookshelf

IMG_2761Start with books, your favorite tchotchkes, art and unique-looking accessories.

Color, size and texture are highly important when styling your shelves. I like to pair similar books together so if they are similar in color or size they look great!   Adding either an artwork or a cool-looking accessory near or on top of a book is a good simple start.  just keep playing around, stand back and admire the finished product.

Check out all the different types of bookshelves that Shahs of Styles has enjoyed styling:

Adding greenery and vintage books gives out good vibes at this coffee shop.


Bookshelves can be colorful too–I chose the most colorful book covers I could find.  Below the baby’s handprints are displayed like art and the African elephant wood statues add interest.


Similar colored books are paired up here against a hand-stenciled Moroccan wall.

Feb 16-035

Sometimes simplicity is best.  This client had beautiful white accessories around the house but didn’t know to display them.  Now, each accessory uniquely stands out.



Adding art and considering scale is imperative for good design.  Make sure whatever item is on the shelf goes from short to tall and short again.  Notice how the letter L is short and the artwork is tall on the first shelf.


This client loved collecting shot glasses from every place they visited so we displayed them on the shelf for their guests to admire.



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