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IMG_2761Start with books, your favorite tchotchkes, art and unique-looking accessories.

Color, size and texture are highly important when styling your shelves. I like to pair similar books together so if they are similar in color or size they look great!   Adding either an artwork or a cool-looking accessory near or on top of a book is a good simple start.  just keep playing around, stand back and admire the finished product.

Check out all the different types of bookshelves that Shahs of Styles has enjoyed styling:

Adding greenery and vintage books gives out good vibes at this coffee shop.


Bookshelves can be colorful too–I chose the most colorful book covers I could find.  Below the baby’s handprints are displayed like art and the African elephant wood statues add interest.


Similar colored books are paired up here against a hand-stenciled Moroccan wall.

Feb 16-035

Sometimes simplicity is best.  This client had beautiful white accessories around the house but didn’t know to display them.  Now, each accessory uniquely stands out.



Adding art and considering scale is imperative for good design.  Make sure whatever item is on the shelf goes from short to tall and short again.  Notice how the letter L is short and the artwork is tall on the first shelf.


This client loved collecting shot glasses from every place they visited so we displayed them on the shelf for their guests to admire.



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Shahs of Style has done bathrooms in the past, whether its a quick update or a full-on renovation but blogging about it is something I have been slow on.  One of my favorite clients/people/lovely locals had a terrible experience with a contractor they hired themselves to transform a powder room into a small master bathroom.   They realized within a short time that they made a colossal mistake!  Within weeks, the shower started leaking, the grouts of the tiles were not filled correctly and clearly, it lacked any design aesthetic.

I was currently working on their family room when they approached me for help. Instantaneously and without hesitation, I worked on creating a design board for their bathroom.  Below are pictures of the before: Continue reading

Feb 16-031-Edit

It was a complete disaster.  Black-spotty mold was growing on the walls.  Florescent tube lights dangled loosely from the ceiling.  Floor tiles were moist and easily peeling off like stickers.  It was overwhelming and so was the stench which was a combination of dirt, moisture and thick air.


It was difficult to see the destination but the journey of creating a multi-purpose center was happening.  A place for multiple purposes:  to worship, to learn, to teach, to celebrate, to eat, to play and to socialize was truly needed.

The 2017, the Summer months brought an intense amount of rain to an old 1950s building.  The collected pool of rainwater eventually fell through the flat roof destructing the multi-purpose/religious center.

The center hired an environmental service to remove any chemicals, mold and asbestos that may be in the space.  I, then worked with my contractor to start the process of adding new floors, lights, and architectural details.

The floor: simple but ornate

After gutting out two layers — one being tiles and the other being engineered hardwood, the new tiles were quickly put in.   The main gray tiles throughout the space was carefully selected:  it had to be strong enough to withstand kids running, accidental food/dishes being spilled and the rolling wheels of the cafeteria tables.   Another set of tiles was also considered to be used as a border. These border tiles were joyful, aesthetic and a pattern you would likely see in an alley in Morocco.


Lighting Inside and Out

Immediately, my first instinct when walking into the dark space was “let’s bring in Continue reading


This beautiful family wanted their family room to be the main area where their kids will play, do homework and read.  They wanted their children to be in plain sight from the kitchen area which is adjacent to the family.  Now, came the tough part:  how do we merge two spaces so it looks cohesive, be livable, and still be sophisticated in style?

Here’s the design board, the Shah Sisters created:

fatima family play area combo

fatima family room planOur design was to incorporate the play area into family room by placing it behind the sofa.  Eventually, the client decided to part from their old, sectional sofa so we helped them choose a new, family-friendly sofa and a cool chair (hence, the sight change from the design board).




The family took a trip to Morocco and came back with some gorgeous pieces!  Some of the pieces such as the Moroccan eggplant-colored rug was lovely but too small.  So, we assisted them and took into consideration their love for Morocco, their children, and watching Netflix.

Here are the transformations the room went though:

Faisal Fatima before living

how the room looked before the design process

Faisal Fatima living before 2

the Moroccan rug is beautiful but a bit small for the space


a neutral, bigger-sized rug fills the space nicely


the entire room:  where the kids play and the adults relax

The playroom area behind the gray sofa has tall bookshelves with the bottom half comprised of books, toys and game boards.  The top half of the shelves are organized with tchotchkes from a lifetime of vacations.  As you can see, the kids are ready for tea time.








Opening up a coffee shop is a challenge but constructing one from scratch is a difficult feat.  The first phase was to remove the old, dilapidated countertop and customize it with  a countertop that was much Continue reading