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interior design with a touch of Shah


Recently, I designed an office space for a good friend of mine, a Gastroenterologist doctor in the Maryland region.  I took into consideration three things:  his personality, the type of patients that come in and the functionality of the space.


In consideration to the doctor’s personality, the University he attended:  Georgetown’s colors of blue and gray  were incorporated into the space.  His style leaned towards super modern with chrome metal accents.  The endless-looking chrome and cement brick wall is definitely unique!  To match it, a caged wire sconce and a cement console was added on.

IMG_9360-EditIMG_9280 Continue reading

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dubai shahsofstyle

how coincidental that my DVF wrap dress matches the background


Finally, I came around to posting about my trip to Dubai!  In Dubai, not only did I feel unbelievably hot amidst the desert air but I felt absolutely inspired by the design elements there. Dubai is rich–really just loads of Continue reading

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dc formal dessert table shahsofstyle

Recently, the Shah Sisters had the pleasure and opportunity to decorate the D.C. Eid Formal event.  The event took place at the Shakespeare Theater and the theme was modern rustic with hints of gold.  The dessert table was the main attraction and we’ll never know why…maybe it was the simplicity of the black and white stripes, or the beautiful lit up birch branches or the grand display of Georgetown cupcakes Continue reading


kitchen 3

I’m excited to share photos of my newly remodeled kitchen.  The kitchen is the most used room in our home.  Personally, not only do I use it to whip up family meals but it’s a place where the kids’ do homework, crafts are created, and conversation with friends occur.  It’s the mecca of my home and for that reason, it had to be not only functional but simply beautiful. Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest at Nordstrom’s Beauty Trend Show.  This was a great opportunity to learn about the new Spring trends of 2015.   I was excited to master the magic of makeup and check out the upcoming fashion styles. Continue reading

cherry blossoms

pink blossoms surround the Jefferson memorial


During late March and early April, the anticipated cherry blossoms burst into bloom immersing the nation’s capitol in pink.  The illuminating, blush pink is a a true indication that Spring has arrived.  The city is energized with locals and tourists participating in segway tours, landmark sightings and museum hopping. Continue reading

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